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Financial freedom for you and your business, enabled by access to innovative Payment, Savings and Credit propositions.

Vale is a mobile banking platform which provides personal and business banking services. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.Vale offers financial freedom for you and your business enabled by access to innovative payments, savings, and credit propositions.

In Nigeria, Vale is backed by Vale Finance (A CBN licensed finance house and a member of the Finance Houses Association of Nigeria(FHAN). Vale is building and preserving wealth through its various savings products `‘`

Daily interest savings plan(Flexbae): A flexible savings plan that makes you save and earn interest in as little as 24 hours. Access both your capital and interest anytime and enjoy 12% interest per annum.

Target Savings Plan(Save2B/VaultLite): A strict savings plan where you automate your savings daily, weekly or monthly. You can set it to whatever suits you the most. This plan offers 8-10% interest per annum

Fixed Deposit plan(VaultPlus): Invest your funds long-term in this fixed deposit plan and earn up to 15% interest upfront. Isn`‘`t that amazing?


Consumer Loans: This includes providing consumer and business loans to individuals and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Funds Management: This entails the management of funds on behalf of customers/ clients based on agreed tenor and rate.

Asset Finance: Finance lease is a lease agreement with the option of purchase by the lessee at the end of the lease period.

Hire purchase: involves the acquisition of goods through installment payments over a given time frame.

Project Finance: The financing of infrastructure/ industrial projects via a loan structure that relies primarily on the project's cash flow for repayment.
This covers the provision of finance for such projects promoted by small scale ventures, public/ private partnerships and concessions.

Local and International Trade Finance: Local trade finance/ supply finance provides contractors and vendors with the financial support to execute local purchase orders (LPOs) and work orders for their client companies.

International trade: Finance is designed to facilitate the export and import of goods.

Debt Factoring: The business of purchasing debts/ receivables from clients at a discount and profit from their collection.

Financial Advisory: Financial consultancy offers clients financial advisory services for a fee and commission.

Loan Syndication: A practice in which a Finance Company in conjunction with other finance companies and other financial institutions each lends a specified amount of money to a borrower simultaneously and for the same purpose. The entities participating in the loan syndication cooperate for the project's duration, as individual FCs may not be able to afford the huge funds involved.

Enjoy Mobile Banking made for you.

Vale is a Mobile Banking provider, regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.